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Paul Tudor Jones Interview

I worked for one of the greatest global macro traders of all-time and almost went to work for this one.  PTJ is the best.  

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Paul Tudor Jones Likes U.S. Stocks & Dollar

Great interview with Hall of Famer, Paul Tudor Jones (PTJ ), who has always been our fave, and even more so with what he is doing with JUST Capital.   See here for the top-ranked most JUST companies. PTJ likes U.S. stocks … Continue reading

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Ten Good Weekend Reads

  Why do we bother with stock market forecasts?  – Irish Times The Left’s Delusions About Mexico’s New President – New Republic Economists reconsider how much governments can borrow – Economist Public Debt Through The Ages – Barry Eichengreen – … Continue reading

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QOTD: Paul Tudor Jones

Note, no mention of “recession”, the trigger for the cheerleaders.  The bear market of    1962 and 1987 occurred with robust economic growth. You look at every bear market and they’ve always basically occurred because of an uptick in inflation … Continue reading

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QOTD: Paul Tudor Jones

“We are in the throes of a burgeoning financial bubble.  If I had a choice between holding a U.S. Treasury bond or a hot burning coal in my hand, I would choose the coal.” – Paul Tudor Jones  (QOTD = … Continue reading

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Dollar Testing Key Support

You would think the dollar would be stronger if the U.S. economy is starting to gain some traction, no?  Then again,  this from Paul Tudor Jones, Friday last week was one of the greatest days that Paul Tudor Jones can … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Smelly Mackerel

Macro trading is about as difficult as I’ve ever seen it in my career. – Paul Tudor Jones, quoting the late Jimmy Hendrix. “What is the cause? Paul Tudor Jones says that central banks are the cause for this manic … Continue reading

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