Paul Tudor Jones Likes U.S. Stocks & Dollar

Great interview with Hall of Famer, Paul Tudor Jones (PTJ ), who has always been our fave, and even more so with what he is doing with JUST Capital.   See here for the top-ranked most JUST companies.

PTJ likes U.S. stocks for technical reasons as he doesn’t know where supply is going to come from to meet another year of trillion dollar plus corporate buybacks.   We like that analysis.  It does assume markets are entirely inefficient and will not reprice lower based on changing fundamentals, however.

He currently likes the dollar and believes U.S. markets will outperform EM.


Click here for the interview.

Bad Call On Year-End “Melt-Up”

Even the greatest can, and often, get it wrong.  He was expecting a year-end “melt-up” in 2018.  You know how that played out — quite the opposite.

Indeed, billionaire US hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones sees the potential for a major melt-up in the US share market later this year, fuelled by this inflammatory mix of fiscal and monetary stimulus.  – Financial Review, June 13, 2018

Anyone who plays this game understands you’re lucky if you get 50 percent of your trades right.   Success is, at the end of the day, determined by money management.  Cutting your losses quickly and letting your winners run.  Easier said than done.


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2 Responses to Paul Tudor Jones Likes U.S. Stocks & Dollar

  1. John Merrill says:

    “Where will the supply come from” a big hunk will come from stock options issued to management

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