Ten Good Weekend Reads



  • Why do we bother with stock market forecasts?  – Irish Times
  • The Left’s Delusions About Mexico’s New President – New Republic
  • Economists reconsider how much governments can borrow – Economist
  • Public Debt Through The Ages – Barry Eichengreen – IMF
  • ‘Modern Monetary Theory’ Is a Joke That’s Not Funny – Bloomberg
  • Don’t Be So Sure Hyperinflation Can’t Hit the U.S. – Bloomberg
  • Don’t kid yourself, the Federal Reserve isn’t done with interest-rate increases – MarketWatch


words per fed statement

  • Global policy uncertainty at record levels, Deutsche Bank says – FT

policy uncertainty

  • 5 puzzles in the international economy – Brookings
  • Goldman Says Rich People Will Drag Down the U.S. Economy by Spending Less – Bloomberg


  • The Things John Bogle Taught Us: Humility, Ethics and Simplicity – NY Times
  • Bridgewater’s New Brain: A Millennial Woman Is Blazing To The Top Of The World’s Largest Hedge Fund  – Forbes
  • The Investment Philosophy of Paul Tudor Jones – gurufocus
  • US report says rapidly modernizing Chinese military has set sights on Taiwan – CNN
  • Barry Bonds getting support from early ballots to Baseball Hall of Fame – NBC
  • GOLF’s 2017-18 ranking of the Top 100 Courses in the U.S – Golf.com
  • The Loneliest Generation: Americans, More Than Ever, Are Aging Alone – WSJ
  • Orwell v Huxley: whose dystopia are we living in today? – FT
  • Time for America to embrace the class struggle FT
  • A majority of Americans support raising the top tax rate to 70 percent – The Hill
  • What If Karl Marx Was Right, Mostly? – Econintersect.com

BBC Masters of Money Karl Marx


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