Tesla Is Off The Charts


Tesla is gapping up 12% after hours after releasing earnings.

We know several shorts who have been destroyed over the past six months.   The stock is up 270 percent from its June lows.  Rather stunning.

This comes after the company reported positive net income in the Q3 earnings report.

Still,  auto revenues grew by just 1 percent in 2019, but up 18 percent sequentially in Q4.

GAAP net income was down 25 percent on the year and 27 percent sequentially.

Vehicle deliveries climbed to over 100k for the time.

We are watching closely how these high fliers, including Apple, behave over the next few weeks.

The price action in Tesla, among others, is more of a macro thingy than micro, in our opinion.   Very Bubblicious.  We never learn.









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2 Responses to Tesla Is Off The Charts

  1. Anonymous says:

    T think I had 100 shares a few days after IPO ad sold them for a small profit. John Porter

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