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China’s Raises “The Other Nuclear Option”

We are on our way out to go fishing for the next few weeks but couldn’t let this pass without one last post. The current headline at the Drudge Report linking to a CNBC piece citing the People’s Daily (Chinese government press) … Continue reading

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Inflation Drives Apple Market Cap To One Trillion Dollars

1012 Apple’s market cap hit 1012 dollars today. Impressive but no pom-poms here at Global Macro Monitor.  We would be more impressed if Apple’s main businesses were doing better and the company was more focused on electrical engineering rather than … Continue reading

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It’s déjà vu all over again

But with real earnings. Classic momentum thrust feedback loop:  “Gotta buy ’em cuz they’re going higher.”  Otherwise, no year-end bone and career risk Hat Tip: @carlquintanilla

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Stock Bull & Bear Traps Galore

The S&P500 could not hold the 50-day moving average today, setting, yet again, a nice bull trap to hang out the MoMo crowd.  Seeing a lot more traps, both bull and bear,  these days.  It is the result of the … Continue reading

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Apple Reports Solid Earnings, But…

Key Takeaways Revenues up 16 percent – It amazes us that a company so large can grow earnings at 16 percent y/y. China Revenues up 21 percent –  This compares to down 14 percent in Q2 2017.  Worries unwarranted unless … Continue reading

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What To Watch In The Apple Release

Ahh, the good old days of trading billions of dollars in Apple stock. Apple Getting Too Big The company has almost become a utility due to its sheer size. Apple’s relatively small recurring revenue stream (some argue iPhone upgrades are … Continue reading

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iPhone Demand Sparks New Worries For Apple | CNBC

Thought tax cuts were going to lead us to the new economic Shangri-La? Random thought:  We hear much about how the corporate tax cut has changed the game for profits.   Isn’t this just the government jumping into the financial engineering … Continue reading

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China’s Other Nuclear Option

Sorry to be such a downer, folks. We have to stress test the macro scenarios versus current market conditions by looking at worst case events, then calculating expected values based on the most likely probabilities. Especially after such a huge … Continue reading

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Apple Double-Digit Revenue Growth Continues

Even global macro jockeys must monitor the world’s largest company. Amazing that an $850 billion market cap company can still grow y/y revenues at 13 percent. Just for some scale perspective, Apple’s quarterly revenues exceed the GDP of almost 70 … Continue reading

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Dangerous Gambit Out Of Davos

We woke to a comment out of Davos that surprised both us and the market. The U.S. Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, broke from tradition and welcomed a weaker dollar. “Obviously a weaker dollar is good for us as it relates … Continue reading

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