The Neuroscience Of Branding – Big Think

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Fascinating stuff! 

“Powerful branding can not only change how you feel about a company, it can actually change how your brain is wired.

“We love to think of ourselves as rational. That’s not how it works,” says UPenn professor Americus Reed II about our habits (both conscious and subconscious) of paying more for items based primarily on the brand name. Effective marketing causes the consumer to link brands like Apple and Nike with their own identity, and that strong attachment goes deeper than receipts”

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  1. Joe Rourke says:

    For me, this series named in the link below, is the true ‘big think’ video on this topic. It’s 4 hours long and can be found on YouTube.

    “Along these lines, The Century of the Self asks deeper questions about the roots and methods of consumerism and commodification and their implications. It also questions the modern way people see themselves, the attitudes to fashion, and superficiality.”

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