The Most Important Chart In The World

The following chart – the most important in the world to us — is our loved Carol K.’s (CK) ANC progression since her stem cell transplant on July 15th, or Day 0.

The absolute neutrophil count (ANC) is an estimate of the body’s ability to fight infections, especially bacterial infections. These test results are often referred to as a patient’s “counts.”

An ANC measures the number of neutrophils in the blood. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that kills bacteria.

A lower than normal number of neutrophils (lower than 500) is called neutropenia.

Lower than 100 is severe neutropenia.

The lower a person’s ANC is, the higher the risk of getting an infection.

For a cancer patient, an infection can be life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention. – St. Jude

Three Months In The Hospital

Carol has been in the hospital since May 23rd, even after several weeks of trying an experimental therapy for acute myeloid leukemia AML, which obviously didn’t succeed

She is now struggling with one last Hail Mary attempt — the stem cell transplant — to restore her bone marrow’s ability to generate the life-saving and life-generating blood cells, you and I take for granted everyday.

Tough Days

CK had some very difficult days just after the transplant but her ANC remained above 500, which was a sign the transplant is taking hold. She has had other setbacks yet was able to overcome all of them with all her kindness, Southern charm, sense of humor, child-like innocence, jaw dropping cuteness, and super professionalism in tact.

She is now on life support fighting once again tonight with a 103 plus temperature after contracting pneumonia and strep throat on Tuesday.

Be Kind Like CK, Folks

Take a look at her Twitter stream, folks.

Just on Tuesday, for example, after more than three straight months in the hospital and being very sick for almost 18-months, she was able to Tweet something nice about someone. She has always comported herself so professionally and has such a pleasant presence about her. Is it really that hard, folks?

Carol sure loves her University of Georgia Bulldogs.

Ovarian Cancer

Carol was in a second round of chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer (OC) for almost all of 2020.  She was originally diagnosed and treated in 2017.  Yet, she still was able to post awesome content on the Global Macro Monitor.  

Life Is Unfair

One of the cruelest things I have witnessed in my entire life was to watch CK’s jubilation after finding out she was without disease.  “Dancing with NED” – no evidence of disease – is what she said cancer survivors call a clean bill of health after chemo.  She had beaten back OC again!

In early November only a few weeks after the good news, she contracted pneumonia, either a symptom of or something that then morphed into COVID.

Then the progression to a very aggressive AML.   

So, folks, we again ask beg you to send Carol K’s way, your prayers, positive thoughts, light some candles, crystals, go beat some drums on a beach under a full moon, drop some coin or Bitcoin in a wishing well, Feng shui your trading desk or penthouse or, do whatever and bring all that you have got her way.  

And if you think you’re having a bad day or had a bad break recently?  Get real.   

CK and I discussed many times how life can be so cruel and unfair.  The years 2020/21 have brought many challenges and personal loss to both of us. 

Nevertheless, Carol always concluded our conversations with, “it is what it is and you have play the hand you have been dealt.”  Never any self pity. 

More importantly, however, she would always finish with an exhortation, “take 24 hours to grieve and mourn, then get back up and fight another day.”   

That’s Carol’s M.O..  I think it was a Georgia Bulldog football theme she adopted back in her day as a college student or a Dawg super fan. 

Whatever the origin, it worked for her.  She has had the most fascinating life’s journey that Hollywood couldn’t even make up.  Full of tragedy, full of triumph.  Careful not to over celebrate the victories or to mourn the tragedies that would prevent and stunt her personal growth and success.  

The Proud, The Few

Carol K. is a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps.  My dad was a Marine, who fought in Korea, and would be proud of her.  Semper Fi. 

She really liked and could relate to this JFK clip, which we posted last year after one of those conversations. 

Fearless And Kind

Carol K. is full of courage.  She has guts.  She is compassionate and empathetic.  She is very kind.  I love Carol K..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sending heart felt best of the best to Carol K. May the gods of unpredictability smile a big goofy sunshine smile over the surf on an awesome day with offshore winds wearing sun glasses. We love you Carol! – Mike G.

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