Going Back To Houston…


Carol K. was slated to be discharged from a Boston hospital this week after a 5 1/2 month stay in isolation from a stem cell transplant (SCT) to treat her Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Her comorbidities — ovarian cancer, kidney failure, pneumonia, and COVID — made the SCT a Hail Mary and longshot against all odds. The SCT grafted, her blasts are down to normal levels and ANC (white blood cell count) are rising rapidly. Unfortunately, last week she was diagnosed with pneumococcal meningitis, probably the result of her recurring bouts with pneumonia and COVID complications. Friday she slipped into a coma and is back in the ICU. Send all you got her way, folks. Godspeed, Carol K.

Since baseball dominated the first 25 years of my life, GMM usually posts a piece on the World Series, which is already underway.  The Atlanta Braves lead the Series three games to two as the Fall Classic heads back to Houston for the last two games of the best of seven. 

I have a couple of baseball related posts in the can that need some polishing but Carol’s health has been our priority. 

One with a draft title, “1970’s Inflation And Nolan Ryan’s Fastball”, the other, “What Dusty Baker Taught Me About Race.”

Dusty is the 72-year old manager of the Astros and one of the nicest most loving persons you will ever meet.  He was closer than a big brother to me as a young teenager.  Wait for it. 

Baker is the Forrest Gump of modern baseball. He has been there in uniform for Aaron’s 715th home run (he was on deck), the first high five (he and Glenn Burke), the first NLCS MVP (he won it), Reggie Jackson’s three-homer World Series gameFernandomania, the 1989 World Series earthquakeBarry Bonds’s record-breaking 71st home run, the largest blown lead of a World Series potential clincher (2002 Game 6), The Bartman Game (2003 NLCS Game 6), the only time batters reached consecutively on each of the four ways to get on base without putting the ball in play (2017 NLCS Game 5) and the cleanup from the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal.  – Sports Illustrated

Not surprised, Dusty invented the “high five” hand slap. 

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