COVID: The Red, Right, And Blue


Warning:  Politics may be is hazardous to your health. 

All but two of the states above the national rate of daily hospitalizations per 100k (30) are in the red, and Hawaii is kind of a special case and only one point above the national rate. Georgia really singing the Blues?  Seriously?

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4 Responses to COVID: The Red, Right, And Blue

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where is Maryland (MD) ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    MD at 17 per day….

  3. Joe R. says:

    Re: Georgia is it possible your neighbours politics can also be hazardous to you health? Particularly when it is all of your neighbours? We had a dose of that on the auld sod here all the border counties had UK/NI rates despite all our good behaviour down here in the rest of the ‘free state’. Viruses do not respect borders, especially open ones.

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