Meine Fox News: Senicide, The Final Solution?

Good, God!

We have been writing for ten years about the coming “Clash of Generations” but we never, ever, in our wildest imagination believed it would result in an “elderly are expendable” vibe.  Senicide. 

The word “senicide” — meaning the deliberate murder of the elderly — is less well known, though of older provenance. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it was first used by the Victorian explorer Sir Henry Hamilton Johnston. “The ancient Sardi of Sardinia,” he wrote in 1889, “regarded it as a sacred . . . duty for the young to kill their old relations.” – Boston Globe 

Who would have ever believed it would also have the implicit support of the President of the United States, the oldest ever to sit in the Oval Office nearing the end of his first term. Ronald Reagan was 77 years when he left office.

My 17-year old is more worried and careful about COVID than I because she doesn’t want to get her dad sick.  She is more willing, though not happy to sacrifice hanging with her friends to protect her grandmother and parents.

The senicide vibe should really help Trump with the senior vote, especially in Florida, ya’ think?  The President’s re-election committee must have some real political geniuses.

National Vote 

In the final average of registered-voter polls, Trump led Clinton by 5 points among seniors. His advantage was 6 points among likely voters. These polls are suggesting something along the lines of 25- to 30-point shifts in Biden’s direction…Importantly, I already have noted how this movement among seniors is being seen on the state level as well. In Florida, for instance, where seniors make up around 30% of voters, Biden’s winning with voters 65 and older. Last time around, Clinton lost those voters by nearly 10 points in the final preelection polls.  –  CNN

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