Looks Like A Democratic Tsunami – Cook Report


This election is looking more like a Democratic tsunami than simply a Blue wave. President Trump, mired in some of the lowest job approval ratings of his presidency, is trailing Biden by significant margins in key battleground states like Pennsylvania (8 points), Michigan (9 points), and Wisconsin (9 points). He’s even running behind Biden in his firewall states of Florida and North Carolina.  — Cook Report



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2 Responses to Looks Like A Democratic Tsunami – Cook Report

  1. Minsky says:

    Clinton was leading significantly at this point in 2016, and the fact that Biden’s ‘huge lead’ is all over the news could lead to Democratic complacency that could lose them the election. (Why go to the trouble of voting for Biden if you know he’s going to win?)

    Let’s not forget that the pandemic is going to cause massive voting irregularities and the country is not remotely ready infrastructure-wise to fairly administrate an election where the majority will be voting by mail.

    Another thing I think people are overlooking is all the stuff about Biden’s involvement with Burisma/Ukraine, and his son sitting on a board of the company with zero qualifications. Trump is saving this for the final stretch of the campaign, and it could easily sour the public on Biden, just like the Comey memo tipped the 2016 election away from Hillary.

    The country deserves better than Trump, but I sense complacency amongst Democratic voters when they ought to be abjectly terrified.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree, complacencies kills. You bet on it,. The only thing I am doing in political markets is trying to pickup Texas goes blue in low 20’s. If NFL cancels, Biden runs ads “Trump Killed The Cowboys.”


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