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Why The Millennials Feel The Bern

The Global Macro Monitor has been writing about the Clash of Generations for years, and way before the headlines and data that are now starting to show up in the MSM.   See here. The fight taking place between the moderates … Continue reading

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America’s Perilous Path Of Wealth Distribution

Summary We illustrate the stark contrast in the growth of household wealth between the different percentile groups since Q1 2000 The top 1% of households now hold more wealth than the bottom 90% The aggregate nominal wealth of the bottom … Continue reading

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Be Skeptics Of Macro Data In The Two-Speed Economy

Dig deeper, folks. Our good friend, David Jones, sent the following IBD piece over this evening. If you been following GMM over the past week, you know we are knee-deep in the Federal Reserve’s distribution of wealth data (see our … Continue reading

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Consequences Of Jack Asset Monetary Policy

You have to own assets to make it in the New Economy.   Pity the younger generations. Check out the growing wealth disparity in the below chart, which is clearly the result of monetary policy. The Fed’s increasing reliance  on the … Continue reading

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Wealth Inequality In the United States

This is not a chart that generates confidence in future political and social stability.   It looks like the jaws of a Great White ready to bite someone in the arse. Clearly a contributing factor in the rise of populism and anti-elitism, … Continue reading

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