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The Next Stimulus: More Holidays?

Interesting take from Fareed that holidays can generate more consumer spending and the U.S. takes the least amount of holidays among the global community. This brings up an interesting story about how FDR,  in 1939,  changed the Thanksgiving holiday from … Continue reading

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QE3 Will Complicate Global Food Crisis

There is no doubt in our minds that some of the QE3 liquidity will leak into agricultural commodities.  In addition, a portfolio reallocation will take place as investors look to protect their purchasing power through buying finite “things.” This will … Continue reading

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Fareed Zakaria: Rahm Emanuel on Pensions

Fareed’s interview with the the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, really drives home the fact the U.S. global pension problem is nonpartisan.   Burden sharing is coming. “It is not sustainable now.” (click here if video is not observable)

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What the ‘frack is ‘fracking’? – GPS

Good stuff from Fareed Zakaria’s GPS blog.  He argues that the rise of “shale gas is shaping up to be the biggest shift in energy in generations”  and, More important, the United States has become the world’s low-cost producer of … Continue reading

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Fareed Zakaria: Interview with George Soros

Here is Fareed’s interview with George Soros from a couple weeks ago that we’ve been meaning to post and thought you’d find interesting.   We suspect the 15 minutes you spend watching it will return a nice dividend.   Enjoy. (click here … Continue reading

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Fareed: Niall Ferguson and Jeff Sachs Square Off on OWS

Nice rumble between Sachs and Ferguson.  Well worth your time. (click here if video is not observable)

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Soros: Regime Change in Iran, Bond Crisis is U.S.

Fareed Zakaria discusses current events with George Soros on today’s GPS.   Click here for the entire interview.   It’s well worth your time. Money Quotes: Comparison 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall and Middle East Uprisings SOROS: It is very similar. … Continue reading

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Egypt: Revolt or Revolution? – Fareed Zakaria

Here is Fareed’s take on Egypt.

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Larry Summers on structual change in U.S. labor market

In one of his first interviews since leaving the White House,  Larry Summers talks about the structural changes taking place in the U.S. labor market on today’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria.  He mentions the IT take-off and the new jobs … Continue reading

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