Highest Paid Public-Sector Employee In Each State

Though the following map doesn’t surprise us, it is a bit disheartening to see where our priorities lie.  Panem et circenses (bread and circuses), baby, even at the public Academy!

If the data are true, there are only nine states in the nation where the highest-paid public-sector employee is not a coach.  No doubt, however, a highly paid coach at a public university operates under different incentives than, say, a third-grade school teacher, where universities are constantly reassessing their return on investment in the football coach.

Does Nevada surprise you?  The new Silicon Valley?

Is your highest-paid state employee the teacher who spends every day of the school year with your children? Nah. It’s most often the football coach.

Football coaches at public universities make, on average, more than $1 million per year. 

Only 11 states have non-jock employees earning the most coin. Top-paid employees include university presidents, deans and superintendents, with salaries ranging from $231,210 to $876,442.  — farandwide.com



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1 Response to Highest Paid Public-Sector Employee In Each State

  1. rod says:

    Not surprising! A coach runs a profit center, likely the only one as a State employee. Results are readily transparent and if not good, goodbye to the coach. All the others spent resources with little or no measurement of results or accountability. Lesson over!

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