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Cheap Big Macs Around the World

Turkey, the UK , and Mexico (“undervalued by a whacking 55.9% against the greenback”) have gotten much cheaper over the past year. The Big Mac index is built on the idea of purchasing-power parity, the theory that in the long … Continue reading

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The Big Mac Index – Buy India/Sell Norway

The Economist is out with their Big Mac Index of currency valuations.  The Big Mac index looks at foreign-exchange rates based on the theory of purchasing-power parity (PPP),  the notion prices/exchange rates should adjust over the long run, so tradable goods … Continue reading

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Fed creating “grave distortions” – Brazil Central Bank

Brazil is considering additional measures to keep the Real from appreciating  any further.  We like the Economist’s Big Mac Index, which is based on the concept of purchasing-power parity, to get a sense of the over/undervaluation of a currency.  The … Continue reading

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Geithner’s Naughty List?

Look no further than the Economist’s Big Mac Index to understand who is on the Treasury’s Naughty List.  It uses July exchange rates,  so a bit dated as the most recent currency moves are not included. Interestingly,  Japan and Brazil … Continue reading

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