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Charts That Count: Another China Crisis? – FT

China’s currency has devalued sharply against the dollar in recent weeks. The last time China surprised the markets with a devaluation, in the summer of 2015, it prompted a global sell-off of risk assets. John Authers discusses why China’s currency … Continue reading

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Week In Review – Data Only

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Two signals from China – FT

After a wild day of trading on world markets, John Authers suggests that the yuan’s appreciation late in the day may have sent a more important signal than its earlier devaluation. ► Authers’ Note: http://bit.ly/1Liu16x (click here if video is … Continue reading

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Beggar Thy Neighbor’s Stock Market

Interesting chart which we suspected and all knew that, thus far, the 2013 macro equity trade x/ U.S. has been to be long those markets where the home currency is weakening against the dollar.  The red regression line illustrates this … Continue reading

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Russian Rouble Tumbles With Oil Prices

(click here if video is not observable)

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Week in Review

As we suspected, emerging equities bounced nicely last week with Brazil and Hong Kong leading the major indices, both up over 3 percent.   Developed equity markets continued to move higher with France now up close to 10 percent for the … Continue reading

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All Things Correlated: Stunning Aussie$/S&P 500 Relationship

A good friend in Singapore, who is one smart dude, and former head of Goldman Sachs’ Asia asset management, pointed out the S&P500 trades almost tick for tick with the Euro and the Aussie currencies.    This is reflected in the … Continue reading

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Fed creating “grave distortions” – Brazil Central Bank

Brazil is considering additional measures to keep the Real from appreciating  any further.  We like the Economist’s Big Mac Index, which is based on the concept of purchasing-power parity, to get a sense of the over/undervaluation of a currency.  The … Continue reading

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Breakup of the Euro isn’t unthinkable – Peer Steinbrueck

Peer Steinbrueck, who served as finance minister under Angela Merkel from 2005 to 2009, has published, Unterm Strich (“On Balance”), his insider view of the financial crisis. It looks to be a fascinating read.  Bloomberg has a great first look: … Continue reading

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The 10-year sets sail for 2 percent…

The 10-year closed at 2.46 percent today, a 20-month low,  on the back of weak consumer confidence.  Bond buyers and traders hear the horn of QE2 and anticipate a  [Kentucky] FED take-out at higher prices. Stocks up,  commodities x/grains up,  … Continue reading

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