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Beggar Thy Neighbor’s Stock Market

Interesting chart which we suspected and all knew that, thus far, the 2013 macro equity trade x/ U.S. has been to be long those markets where the home currency is weakening against the dollar.  The red regression line illustrates this … Continue reading

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Global Risk Indicator Species: Hang Seng and Aussie/$

Messing around with the charts while watching the game and came across this. The Hang Seng and Aussie/$ are important — sometimes leading and sometimes confirming – risk indicators that should be monitored. We have written about both.  See here … Continue reading

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Curse of a Strong Currency: Australia’s Growth Stalls

In a world of competitive devaluations, Australia is now the poster child of why countries are fighting to keep their currencies cheap.  The government announced Q3 GDP grew just 0.2 percent, bringing down the annual growth rate from 3.3 percent … Continue reading

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All Things Correlated: Stunning Aussie$/S&P 500 Relationship

A good friend in Singapore, who is one smart dude, and former head of Goldman Sachs’ Asia asset management, pointed out the S&P500 trades almost tick for tick with the Euro and the Aussie currencies.    This is reflected in the … Continue reading

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