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Commodity Correlation

Commodity correlation matrix pic.twitter.com/wsK7Uq9obY — ℭhi 🛢️ (@chigrl) August 7, 2018  

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Global Risk Indicator Species: Hang Seng and Aussie/$

Messing around with the charts while watching the game and came across this. The Hang Seng and Aussie/$ are important — sometimes leading and sometimes confirming – risk indicators that should be monitored. We have written about both.  See here … Continue reading

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Rising Tide (of liquidity) Lifts All Boats

Great chart from Active Trader of the S&P5oo correlation with other markets.  Have you noticed recently that all markets are moving together?  U.S. Treasuries, domestic and foreign stocks, Greek Bonds, EM Debt, commodities, and foreign currencies all in lockstep? This … Continue reading

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