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TOTD: Quantum Mechanics Of Life

Five FEYNMAN rules to live by:i) Don't be afraid of your uniqueness.ii) Do what you get the most pleasure from.iii) Don't worry about what others are thinking.iv) Have a sense of humor and talk honestly.v) Make mistakes and learn. pic.twitter.com/yVO43NKXQj … Continue reading

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Tweet Of The Day: Turkey Investments

From @nntaleb ‘s Classic: "The Black Swan," a Turkey's life is much like many "safe" investments. (2) pic.twitter.com/5c7r3HXjYg — Lawrence McDonald (@Convertbond) February 7, 2018

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Market Dances to the Tweet of a Cantor

Nice reversal! House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, may not be able to move votes, but he certainly moved the market and gave investors a nice Christmas tweet at 3:05 pm today. Not expecting anything big,  however.  Just a bridge to … Continue reading

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The tweet that turned the market

Bill Gross was credited for turning the market around today with the following tweet: PIMCO ‏@PIMCO Gross: Draghi appears willing to write 2-3 year “checks” to peripherals. Very reflationary. Buy gold, TIPS, real assets. Talk about nervous shorts! (click here … Continue reading

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