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Rosie The Riveter Tweets A Red Flag

Note the date of James Baker’s comment. January 24th, 2018: Steven Mnuchin to Davos: "A weaker dollar is good for us as it relates to trade and opportunities.” October 17th, 1987: James Baker to the Germans: "Either inflate your mark, … Continue reading

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Dangerous Gambit Out Of Davos

We woke to a comment out of Davos that surprised both us and the market. The U.S. Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, broke from tradition and welcomed a weaker dollar. “Obviously a weaker dollar is good for us as it relates … Continue reading

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Short Sellers In A Bull Market

Ouch! I remember days like this guy is having. Shorting a market that is melting up and having the bulls gore you where the sun don’t shine is no fun! .   Shorting stocks willy-nilly is a surefire beeline to … Continue reading

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Angela Lives!

At least to fight another day and the final round of negotiations to form a collation government with the Social Democrats (SPD).   Not a done deal just yet. . The euro/$ is quite muted and coming off tonight’s opening … Continue reading

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Week In Review: Global Stocks Riding “Big Mama”

Portugal’s Hugo Vau has surfed one of the biggest waves ever seen at Nazare, it’s been claimed, but is it enough to beat the world record? The wave — nicknamed ‘Big Mama’ — was reported to be up to 35-metres-high, … Continue reading

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China’s fake data masks economic rebound – FT

Economic data are unlikely to reflect China’s revival because, as a series of admissions of falsified data attest, the true extent of the preceding downturn was never revealed. The country is on course to be the world’s largest economy by … Continue reading

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Sector ETF Performance – January 19

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Global Risk Monitor – January 19

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The History of Federal Government Shutdowns

Background The routine activities of most federal agencies are funded annually by one or more of the regular appropriations acts. When action on the regular appropriations acts is delayed, a continuing appropriations act, also sometimes referred to as a continuing … Continue reading

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Is This Why The Dollar Is Tanking?

Some nasty polling data out of Gallup about American global leadership that may explain, in part,  the dollar’s weakness, which is surprising to many given the strong economic data and ebullient equity markets. We thus suspect the weak Dixie is … Continue reading

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