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Short Sellers In A Bull Market

Ouch! I remember days like this guy is having. Shorting a market that is melting up and having the bulls gore you where the sun don’t shine is no fun! .   Shorting stocks willy-nilly is a surefire beeline to … Continue reading

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The Fed Melt Up – FT

Keep Calm and Stay Long!  Yikes! The FT’s US markets editor Michael Mackenzie tells John Authers that the positive response from the market following the appearance before Congress of Janet Yellen, the nominee for US Federal Reserve chairwoman, has successfully … Continue reading

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Stock Market Melt Up: November 1998 or December 2008?

Stunning!  The S&P500 at its high today was up 20.3 percent from the October 4th intraday low of 1074.77. We’re talking the S&P500, not the Brazilian BOVESPA or Hang Seng Index!  This kind of initial move in the S&P500 in … Continue reading

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The Three Legs of the Q4 Melt-up

1)  Under allocated investors… 2)  Expectation of a Republican victory in the  November election… 3)  The Flood of Liquidity unleashed by ultra-loose global monetary policy… “The Bank of Japan will encourage the uncollateralized overnight call rate to remain at around … Continue reading

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