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Statista’s New Chart Looks Familiar

It makes us a little nervous when we see our ideas, opinions, and charts starting to be adopted as conventional wisdom. A New Bull Market…In Bullshit Though the cheerleaders are still preaching a new bull market, the only new bull … Continue reading

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Market Digits You Need To Know…

Running out to passport office and we will be out a few days.  Here are the market data you need to know: Recovery faltering… S&P held 100-day moving average and closed above 50% key fibo today.  Put down today’s low … Continue reading

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The [First] Week in Review: A Capital Flows Sandwich?

Not a bad start to the year if you were in the right space.  A Frenchman with a long position in “Apple the Sovereign” was up over 8 percent in Euros.   Note, Apple rose another $2.00 to $338 after Friday’s … Continue reading

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Jeremy Grantham CNBC Interview

Run don’t walk to CNBC’s extended interview with Jeremy Grantham, chief investment strategist at Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo (GMO).  Click here for the interview. He begins commenting on the Fed’s attempt to stimulate growth through the  “wealth effect,” noting that … Continue reading

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The Three Legs of the Q4 Melt-up

1)  Under allocated investors… 2)  Expectation of a Republican victory in the  November election… 3)  The Flood of Liquidity unleashed by ultra-loose global monetary policy… “The Bank of Japan will encourage the uncollateralized overnight call rate to remain at around … Continue reading

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