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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…1971

The Global Macro Monitor posted several pieces earlier in the year about the Presidential Stock Cycle.  See here, here, and here.   The third year of a first term President is the strongest year in the cycle.  The table illustrates … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like? Choose your analog…

It’s the end of the first half and we’ve updated our Presidential Stock Cycle, Decennial, and 1991 analog charts.   Click here, here,  and here for background.  Note,  the predicted performance of the Presidential and Decennial analogs are constructed from the … Continue reading

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Tracking the Presidential Stock Cycle and Decennial Chart Analogs

Today we look at how the S&P500 is tracking the two chart analogs, which we wrote about at the end of last year.   We don’t “bet the ranch” on these, but we do know many smart people look at … Continue reading

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Confirmation Bias Confirmed!

We’re a bit surprised at the response to our post, “If the is Socialism,  call me Comrade.” No, not really.  The title was a bit provocative and the comments about “Joe the Plumber” maybe should have been excluded.   We think … Continue reading

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The S&P500 in 2011: What’s past is prologue?

Let’s be honest and a little humble as we venture into the “great wide open” of 2011. Nobody really has a clue what path the markets will take.  Given what we’ve all been through and the uncertainty and plethora of … Continue reading

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