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State and Local Governments, Man Your Battle Stations!

Take a look at the new cover of the Economist. We have been all over the coming “battle royal” between the state and local governments and their public sector unions, but not as much as Mike Shedlock over at the … Continue reading

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Fed to Face Short Squeeze in New Congress

The Republican takeover of the House and some big gains in the Senate will put the heat on the Fed over its ultra-loose monetary policy.  We wrote about the hard money bias of the new Republican leaders several weeks ago.  … Continue reading

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“Bernanke… is fundamentally misguided” – Newt Gingrich

We are wondering out loud if a Tea Party/Republican rout with both houses of Congress changing hands could blindside markets with a huge short covering rally in the dollar?  QE2 needs to be large enough to offset the positive dollar … Continue reading

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France’s half-century spending spree is coming to an end

Run don’t walk to James Traub’s Foreign Policy’s piece, The Spectacle of the Society.  Sarkozy’s approval ratings are at 30 percent as he battles rioters.   There is a lot here, even for Americans: The drama of rewriting the postwar social … Continue reading

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