Huawei’s American Suppliers Set To Rock The Casbah, Or Not?

Here are some of the top American suppliers to Huawei that should Rock the Casbah in Monday trading after Trump’s rethink the Chinese company is a national security risk.

It’s still not clear what the Trump-Xi Osaka handshake and agreement mean, however.  And it appears the walk back is already beginning as the administration is taking on pipe from both the left and the right for its apparent cave to get the Chinese back to the table.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says U.S. President Donald Trump won’t back off national security concerns after agreeing to allow U.S. companies to sell some components to Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

Kudlow told Fox News Sunday and CBS’ Face the Nation that Huawei will remain on an American blacklist as a potential security threat.

He said any additional U.S. licensing “will be for what we call general merchandise, not national security sensitive,” such as chips and software generally available around the world.

Some Republican senators criticized Trump’s announcement Saturday, describing the company as a threat to U.S. national security. In a tweet, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida called the move a “catastrophic mistake.”  – CBC

Equivocal Tweets Coupled With The Ambiguity of Stock Values

Tough trading with an Equivocator In Chief tweeting ambiguous and cryptic messages all with the goal to goose the stock market, which, by its very nature, has equivocal and ambiguous valuations.   See our must-read and timeless Ambiguity of Stock Value post.

The Ambiguity of Stock Value

Stock prices are likely to be among the prices that are relatively vulnerable to purely social movements because there is no accepted theory by which to understand the worth of stocks….investors have no model or at best a very incomplete model of the behavior of prices, dividend, or earnings, of speculative assets.  – GMM,  Dec. 2010

The default is always markets do like to go up.

Watching Broadcom (AVGO)

Broadcom is the large-cap ($115 billion) stock we will be monitoring closely to see if the market really believes the G20 Osaka Sino-American handshake on Huawei and by extension the credibility of a potential U.S-China Trade deal.   A close above its all-time at 323.20, 12.28 percent from Friday’s close, would be nice confirmation the markets believe.

About to get even more interesting.  Stay tuned

Huawei’s Suppliers

Huawei American Suppliers

Huawei Global Suppliers

Broadcom The Stock To Watch


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