Solar “Death Ray” Burns Lawyer. Stocks Up Big!

Wow!  This sounds like something out of Shakespeare Star Wars.   The Daily Tech reports,

Hotel Accidentally Makes Solar “Death Ray,” Burns Lawyer…

Bill Pintas was vacationing in Las Vegas when he decided to stay at the swank new Vdara hotel, a curvy 57-story tower owned by MGM Resorts.  He was sitting at the pool… “I’m sitting there in the chair and all of the sudden my hair and the top of my head are burning.  I’m rubbing my head and it felt like a chemical burn. I couldn’t imagine what it could be.”

Like an ant under a magnifying glass, he remembers running to an umbrella, but being unable to escape the hot light…”My first inclination was thinking: Jesus we’ve destroyed the ozone layer because I am burning.”

…The “death ray” appears to be created by the glass surface of the hotel itself — acting as a concentrating parabolic dish — similar to those used to heat water to a boil in solar power systems.  The dish concentrates light on a 10-foot by 15-foot hot zone moving across the pool.  Temperatures in this area spike 20 degrees Fahrenheit — or more.

…It looks like the Vrada may have exposed the wrong guest to the death ray, though —  Mr. Pintas is a Chicago-based lawyer.

We’ve long been advocates for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) since a goldfish bowl burnt a hole in our kitchen counter, but this takes it to next level.

Solar stocks had a good day.  We like Trina (TSL) and LDK Solar (LDK),  both up over 4 percent.  TAN, the solar ETF,  is on the verge of breaking upside resistance.   We’re a bit cautious, however,  as the RSI is in overbought territory and would wait for a pullback or definitive breakout.

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