The Weekend Read: Beyond the Noise

Li & Fung, a Hong Kong-based consumer goods sourcing and logistics company, warned that “a new era in sourcing with higher prices” has begun, as manufacturers pass on the rising costs of both raw materials and Chinese labour to customers.FT

How China should rule the world – FT
New tax on China rare earth minerals –
Nuclear safer than coal, China official says – Reuters

Prices for Chinese rare earths break through $100,000 per ton – China Economic Review

Australian Dollar Hits Fresh High – WSJ
Li & Fung warns of end of cheap China goods – FT
New home sales hit record low in February – LAT
The future of macroeconomic policy: Nine tentative conclusions – O. Blanchard, VOX
Why Stimulus Failed to Boost Infrastructure in US: A Comparison With China –EconOne

Emerging Markets
Boomtown 2025: A Special Report – FP
Brazil current account gap widens slightly in Feb – Reuters
Brazil’s Push to Oust Vale’s CEO Reflects Trend – WSJ
Powerhouse economies lure staff – FT

Buffett Buying Opportunity Meets Next Big One: William Pesek – Bloomberg
Emerging Market Equity Funds See Worst Yearly Start on Record – WSJ
Mutual Funds Extend Inflow Streak to 10th Week – WSJ

A Nation of Dropouts Shakes Europe – WSJ
‘At Some Point, People Will Speculate against Germany’ – Der Spiegel
Germany Steps Away From European Unity – NY Times
Irish economy grows despite a tough bond market – CSM
Portugal as EU Sovereign Debt Swan Song – Forbes
Sovereign Debt Should Also Bear Stress Tests, IMF’s Vinals Says – Bloomberg
Spain in line of fire amid Portugal troubles – FT

Fiscal Policy
In California City, Layoffs for Nearly Half the Staff – NY Times
The plan to fix California’s budget has run into problems – Economist

Europe’s Libya Intervention: A Special Report – STRATFOR
Foreign policy: A reticent America – FT
The six power brokers who are looking to run the new Middle East – FP

Japan radiation scare spreads to Tokyo water – FT

Monetary Policy
Another year of living dangerously – Economist
Crises Scramble Fed’s Inflation Calculus – WSJ
Fed Official Hoenig to Retire – WSJ
ECB’s Nowotny Sees No Policy Change Due to Japan, Welt Reports – Bloomberg
US monetary policy and the saving glut – VOX

A powerful experimental battery that can be recharged completely in minutes – Economist
A Hexacopter That Sees Motion and Hears Breathing, Even Through Walls – Pop Sci
Better Batteries for Electric Cars – Science Daily
High-Temperature Superconductor Spills Secret: A New Phase of Matter? – Science Daily

Leonardo da Vinci would love this robo-bird – CNET

(click here if video is not observable)

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