Overhyped Relative Job Creation. Sound Familiar?

Steven Rattner, whom the UAW can thank for leading the auto bailout during the GFC,  presented these graphs today on Morning Joe.




Does the analysis look a little familiar?

It should.  We first presented it in our, Deconstructing The U.S. Jobs Market in May and, again, in our, Really How Was That Employment Report on June 4th  in much greater detail.


Jun3_Payrolls Table


Jun3_Payrolls Chart


We claim no monopoly on the facts or the truth as they are universal, and we are happy they are getting out there and we got them to you early.   Stay tuned for more good stuff coming your way.

We did send Rattner our analysis in May.

Nevertheless, the above data, however presented, are probably the reason why Trump is getting no political kick from the economy and tax cuts.  We are looking for a massive Lavender Wave in the November midterms.   Certainly not priced.

This One Takes The Cake!

This one pissed us off, however.  We first started presenting this chart in 2012.

They didn’t even have the courtesy change the chart title and gave no attribution.


We lift all the time but try to give attribution.

Afterall research is nothing more than formalized plagiarism, no.  The raison d’etre of  blogs are to narrow down all the data and research to what is important.

Again, no monopoly on facts or the truth.  Maybe a little on the presentation style, however.

As they say,  you know what is the best form of flattery.

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2 Responses to Overhyped Relative Job Creation. Sound Familiar?

  1. fdr609 says:

    A prophet in their own country is never honored.

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