One Of Our Best Trades Ever – Mike Trout


The first time we ever saw Mike Trout play baseball it was like watching the real-life version of The Natural,  and thought someday people will say,

There goes [Mike Trout] the best there ever was in this game – Roy Hobbes, The Natural

Moreover, the dude is such a nice and decent guy.

What’s nice about it is Mike is such a good person,” Jim Quinn, the former mayor of Millville [Trout’s hometown], told NBC Sports. “You get some of these superstar athletes that have attitudes and aren’t really genuine, but Mike is a genuinely nice guy.” – GOODSPORTS

We began to hoard all things, Mike Trout.

We’re buyers of Mike Trout’s rookie card. – GMM,  September 1, 2012





We also knew QE was at our back and thought someday the Fed may begin to add baseball cards to its SOMA portfolio, especially if the POTUS collected them and would lean on the FOMC to ease monetary policy in order to inflate their prices  (note, FDR was an avid stamp collector).



We are pretty sure President Trump is not a big baseball fan as he has yet to throw out a ceremonial first pitch on opening day,

Every president since William Howard Taft, the commander in chief famously known for his particularly rotund figure, has thrown a first pitch at an MLB game…Donald Trump, for whatever reason, has yet to engage in the ceremonial practice of throwing the first pitch on Opening Day.   –


Given, no Fed buying and QE backstop we will have to depend on fundamentals — Trout’s productivity — to add value to our trade.   And the fundies are still sizzling,

Baseball has been around for about 150 years and Trout — only 27 years old — is already in discussion for one of the best to ever play the game…Since his first full year in 2012, Trout has averaged 34 homers, 26 steals and 98 walks and has hit .310/.420/.579. No player in the game’s history has racked up more WAR through their age-26 season. Basically, any metric you want to use puts Trout at the top of the game –

I played against some of the all-time greats. Mike Trout is better than all of them. – Dale Murphy



What We Are Buying

Mike Trout Farm Hats.  See here.


We have no doubt the appreciation of the Trout Farm hat, as a collectible, will beat inflation over the years and estimate our great grandchildren will cashing these for thousands of dollars.

Looking for a big price jump when Trout is elected to the Hall of Fame circa 2037!


Relax.  Tune out the ugly politics.  Enjoy the new stock market highs.  Watch some baseball.  Watch the Warriors win their third straight NBA championship.

Then continue to sell this strength while there’s a bid.  We think the S&P makes a nominal new high at 3025-ish before the Big Dipper sell-off or bear market.

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