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BFTP: How Sustainable Is Earnings Growth?

BFTP: Blast From The Past We posted the following last May when earnings and the market were all lathered up and on a sugar high induced by the corporate tax cut and weaker dollar in 2017.  Our lack of confidence … Continue reading

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Remain In A Landslide

The latest Comres poll revealed that Remain would now win by 58 per cent to 42 per cent of the vote.  – CityAM

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Predictions Market On Fed Nominees

Prediction markets not pricing the confirmation of Stephen Moore and Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board.  Stay tuned.  

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Impeachment Market – The Only Market That Matters Now

Taking a break from Holy Week to sift through the Mueller Report. It is going to be very difficult, in our opinion,  for the House Judiciary Committee (HJC)  not to proceed with impeachment hearings.  If they begin, the Democrats will have … Continue reading

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The Free Rider Problem

DTTFI – Desperately trying to fix it! 

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He’s Back!

    But can he reverse this,                                     Hat Tip: @PlanMaestro  and this,                      … Continue reading

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Is Trump Chasing Venezuelan Stocks?

Trump’s relentless pounding of the Fed for not pumping the stock market is concerning if not downright scary.  Makes us think he is envious of the YTD  500 plus percent return of the Caracas Stock Market Index (IBVC) and wants … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon At The Masters?

The video is a compilation of tonight’s sweet dreams of those at the top of the Leaderboard at Augusta.

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What Is The Message Of The Bond Market? Nuttin’!

Check this out. The Greek 5-year now trading through the U.S. 5-year yield.   Absurd. Italian 10-years now through the U.S., Portugal 10-year is trading 140 bps through the U.S.?   WTF?     We laugh when the Flat Earth Yield … Continue reading

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BFTP: Masters Week: “This Guy Is Pretty Good”

BFTP:  Blast From The Past Wow, can’t believe it’s been 14 years since one of the greatest golf shots of all-time and the best branding sports moment ever for Nike.  Watch how the ball hangs on the edge of the … Continue reading

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