Why The Majority Is Always Wrong


Wow, GMM’s Carol K could have given this speech! She is definitely in the three percent the speaker references. The video is well worth your ten minutes. A potential huge return on a ten minute investment.

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5 Responses to Why The Majority Is Always Wrong

  1. Joe Rourke says:

    Ah Gregor this is a load of BS top to bottom.

    Take the opening anecdote about Einstein teaching in Oxford in 1942. Einstein was in Princeton as a scholar since the mid-thirties and. a US citizen since 1940. I am not aware if Einstein having thought that much, if at all.

    Plus the answers in Physics don’t change. The laws of physics are universal constants.

    Plus Banks don’t simply take one person’s money and give it to someone else (as you well know) that is a ‘majority’ misconception that he is pandering to. Which is reasonably ironic given the giggle that he gets when he makes this ‘humorous’ observation. This what you would expect to hear from a comedian doing stand-up getting easy laughs, not an intellectual.

    The Marcus Aurelius quote is available on Brainy Quotes alongside the Einstein anecdote (minus the bit about Oxford in 1942). The London story about ‘The Knowledge’ is also invented. That test has specific learning objectives. You can’t learn it randomly. He is basically stroking egos while stringing together a cock and bull presentation that leads to his unsupported message which the audience I am guessing already have in their heads and agree with. It is the manifesto for “cool start-ups” .

    That manifesto is “disruption”. Basically encouraging online breaking of the law, what Varoufakis calls techno feudalism in other jurisdictions using the magic of the Internet for personal profit usually involving exploitation like uber. Why should taxi’s be licenced? Why should gig economy workers receive a minimum wage? It is hyper libertarian but needs to be package in softer terms so that its practicioners don’t get uncomfortable with them selves. He is recruiting the army here.

    I am increasing in Varoufakis’s corner on all of this. The financial illiteracy in the room is palpable.

    If this guy existed in the Wild West in the 19th century I think he would have been a snake oil salesman.

  2. Joe Rourke says:


    Link no.3 leads to an old ‘Knowledge Management’ paper from 1999 so pre GPS on how Black Cab taxi drivers have to learn about The Knowledge – involves driving around on mopeds and learning the routes. Not talking to randomers.

  3. Joe Rourke says:

    TED talk parody – surprisingly accurate – https://youtu.be/_ZBKX-6Gz6A

  4. Joe Rourke says:

    Hey Gregor. I didn’t mean to be overly harsh. It is the first time I bothered to dissect one of these. Got me thinking if nothing else and brought the big question that was in the back of my head to the fore which was what is this guy really up to? So yes, it was stimulating, in an obtuse way.

    I realise you are probably hurting an awful lot right now, what your beloved Carol is going through is torture, and everything else must just pale in comparison to that.

    So, I wish you both strength, grace to deal with your trials, and the best of luck.

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