A spectre is haunting Europe

This is what’s  going to blow up the Europe.   All the cash and backstopping in the world is not going to solve the political problem.   Jim Corr, a member of one of our favorite Irish bands, The Corrs,  nails it at about 2:45 minutes into the interview with Russia TV (RT),

Ultimately, the solution is, the root cause of the problem is we’re not printing our own debt free money. That is what we need to do.   Like Abraham Lincoln’s greenback , we need to get back to printing our own debt free money.   We need to get out of the EU and back into European economic area where we can set our own monetary policy and not be dictated by Brussels in terms of monetary policy that is set up [by] Germany and France to the detriment of other countries in the EU…The Euro should be confined to the dustbin of history, and soon.

Bid adieu to the Euro.   Man, we love The Corrs! Talk about Breathless.

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