Cartoon of the Day: Einstein’s California Epiphany

Hat tip, Craig “Crack Spread” B.!  (click here if cartoon is not observable)

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4 Responses to Cartoon of the Day: Einstein’s California Epiphany

  1. Larry W says:

    So true. We have a government of the state’s idiots.

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  3. says:

    On startups: Talking heads with deep pockets fail forward in an effort to game the process, hone their pitch until someone funds them to hire out the true innovators. Innovators make small, iterative improvements on small successes that are hard to reproduce. Related: Hard to reproduce results is what makes open source innovation appealing – Give everybody great tools. Those who decide to specialize cut a niche out for themselves. Intellectual property is an afterthought because, in reality, nobody understands what the hell they’re up to. Even if someone saw the code, it’s not particularly accessible conceptually. The code takes a specialist to interpret. So while Europe is cutting face value off of its private sector debt, why not load up the unemployed masses with RETRAINING opportunities and some decent opportunity to use the high-level math skills that they inherited, while they still have them. And for christ’s sake, get that god forsaken hungry child advertisement off your website so wishy washy dinosaurs don’t throw away their spouses’ nickels on the guilt appeal, and start taking care of issues at home. RETRAINING. Assignment: Read “Guns, Germs, and Steel” if you can read this, or even if you can’t. The “third world” is going to kick your ass with text-only cell phones that interact with robots funded by billion-dollar third-world constituencies. P.S. The dinosaurs didn’t like calculators, either.

  4. says:

    Yeah, and feel free to say hello.

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