Angry Greeks

(click here if video is not observable)

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5 Responses to Angry Greeks

  1. TwinsfaninCT says:

    Presumably, we will soon hear Secretary of State Clinton castigating the Greek government for attacking its civilian population like she did the Syrian government, right? (Please note that this is NOT meant as any type of attempt to excuse or justify the Syrian butchers.)

    • Gregory P says:

      TwinsfaninCT: What a completely unnecessary comment !!! In Syria, they are using snipers to murder people, in Greece they are using violence, but no one is getting murdered. Keep it in perspective.

      • TwinsfaninCT says:

        Gregory, My parenthetical was meant to show that I was not really comparing the two in equal terms. The point is this: The Greek government is a democracy that is supposed to serve with the consent of the governed. To the extent that riot police, tear gas and batons are necessary to enforce unpopular economic policies, it appears that the governed are withdrawing consent. I agree with the US position on Syria and castigating the criminals in the government there. However, I’d like to see some policy consistency. The video above in Greece is disturbing to say the least.

  2. não emtendi naver di e que ehelainy

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