France’s Campaign Chonicles

Interesting analysis of the French elections with the first round slated for next month and the run-off in May.  Here are the latest polls via Reuters,

A survey by TNS-Sofres/Sopra group found that Sarkozy had pulled ahead in voting intentions for the April 22 first-round vote with 29 percent versus 28 percent for Francois Hollande, vying to become France’s first Socialist president since 1995.

Sarkozy gained three points since the previous poll two weeks ago, while Hollande lost two points, the pollster said…

A second survey by pollsters CSA showed Sarkozy consolidating his first round lead. He was steady on 30 percent for the first round, while Hollande slipped by two points to 26 percent versus a poll last month.

Both polls showed Sarkozy paring back his opponent’s lead in the May 6 runoff.

The TNS-Sofres survey showed Hollande beating Sarkozy by 10 percentage points, 55 percent to 45 percent, though the gap had narrowed from 16 points in the previous poll.

The CSA poll, meanwhile, estimated a closer race. It said the gap had narrowed to 6 points, down from 8 points last month, with Hollande on 53 percent to Sarkozy’s 47 percent.

(click here if video is not observable)

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