eMac Rising: Macron Addresses Joint Session of Congress

eMac (Emmanuel Macron)  is emerging has emerged as the new “leader of the free world.”

He was well received by the U.S. Congress today in an address to a joint session.


Remember Freedom Fries?

Today’s speech on Capitol Hill by the French president marks a long way from 2003 when the cafeteria in the three House office building changed the name of “french fries” to “freedom fries” in a rebuke to France for not supporting the U.S. position in Iraq.  Ditto for “french toast” to “freedom toast.”

Sure, Jacques Chirac was difficult back in 2003, his motives were dubious (he was very close to Sadaam), and he wrecked the West’s strategy to force Sadaam into exile.  How juvenile, however, was the House to resort to such a stunt?

Beacon Of Hope As Democracy Dims

President Emmanuel Macron has also become the “beacon of hope” in a world where the light is getting darker for democracy.   As Foreign Affairs points out in its most recent issue,

the future promises two realistic scenarios: either some of the most powerful autocratic countries in the world will transition to liberal democracy, or the period of democratic dominance that was expected to last forever will prove no more than an interlude before a new era of struggle between mutually hostile political systems.  — Foreign Affairs

Divided America Can Learn From eMac

A divided America can learn a lot from eMac.

Even though his politics and behavior are the polar opposite of Trumpism,  he was the first world leader to reach out to the new American president and seems to have developed a good working relationship and a deep bond with President Trump by setting his political differences aside.

Gutsy, given Mr. Trump is more unpopular in France than Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi.

Mature Beyond Years  

Macron’s maturity is also very impressive, especially for a sub-40-year-old.

Imagine if President Kennedy or Johnson brushed off the dandruff from President de Gaulle‘s lapel during a state visit in the 1960’s, for example, stating  he just wanted “to make the French president perfect?

No doubt an international incident would have ensued and General’s gargantuan ego may have tempted him to turn France’s force de frappe on Washington.

Ben Franklin Meets Voltaire

We love the story eMac told Congress today, making lite of his new bromance with the president, about the first time Benjamin Franklin met the French philosopher, Voltaire, in 1778:

“John Adams tells the story that after they had shaken hands, they embraced each other by hugging one another in their arms and kissing each other’s cheeks.  It kind of reminds you of something“.  –  Emmanuel Macron, April 25th Address to Congress (1;49 minutes)

Click  here to view Macron’s full address to Congress.  It’s a real breath of nonpartisan fresh air and well worth your time.

Apr25_Viva Macron



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