It Could Never Happen Here…But It Is

Fareed nails it this morning.   Wake up, AmeriKA!

If the country doesn’t repudiate this on Tuesday, the country and the world goes much darker and is in deep, deep doo-doo.

Soros is the perfect bogeyman for conspiracy theorists. He is rich, powerful, grew up abroad, and has a foreign accent.  Plus, he is Jewish.  Many Republicans now speak openly and often of the dangers of globalists, but for some reason, these globalists all tend to be Jewish financiers:  Llyod Blankfein, Janet Yellen, George Soros,  Gary Cohn. 

Given the ugly historical smears in this regard, one can only conclude that elements of the Republican Party are either clueless about anti-Semitism or actively encouraging it. 

…These forces used to be peripheral, voiced by marginal figures…Today senior Republicans emulate them. 

…The Republican Party is now squarely the party of Joe McCarthy.  Fareed Zakaria,  GPS, November 3

There you go, folks, about as partisan, or anti-partisan as GMM gets.

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