The Hummingbird Project – Movie Trailer

Just back from The Hummingbird Project flick.   Man, have Wall Street movies changed.

Vincent (Jesse Eisenberg) and his cousin Anton (Alexander Skarsgard) want to run a fiber-optic cable from Kansas to stock exchange servers in New Jersey, securing a millisecond advantage over other algorithmic traders. To maximize the gain, the cable must run absolutely straight, through property, mountains and water, a colossal engineering job for which they have hired Marc (Michael Mando, from “Better Call Saul”). But their boss (Salma Hayek), soon to be former, spends heavily to stall the private-works effort.  – NY Times

Hollywood’s portrayal of Wall Street has moved from insider trading and big swinging dicks to the speed of market information — neutrinos and milliseconds — and front running investor orders.  B-o-r-i-n-g!

Jesse Eisenberg and Selma Hayek are good but no comparison to Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen.

No “Greed is good,” no “Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel” memorable lines.   The only line that stands out in The Hummingbird Project is “it’s all fake [money].”

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