What happened at the Chinese Communist Party’s major policy meeting, the fifth plenum?

The fifth plenum, China’s major policy meeting, took place behind closed doors in Beijing from October 26-29, 2020. The 200-member strong Central Committee, the top decision-making body of the ruling party, delivered a work report, a draft five-year plan and a document outlining China’s long-term objectives up to 2035. The 14th five-year plan’s key targets were disclosed in a communique that was issued after the plenum on October 29. The plan for the coming years includes measures to identify policy priorities for keeping the economy growing amid the Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, toxic relations with the West and the looming global economic downturn. More detailed drafts of the five-year plan will be released in the coming weeks. It will be approved by China’s top lawmaking body, the National People’s Congress, in March 2021.

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