Masters Week: Champions Dinner, Bikini Wax, and Tiger

Masters_ImageClick here for the past menus from the Masters Champion Dinners.

I think Phil’s 2007 menu is my favorite.  Gotta love the barbecued ribs, chicken, sausage, and pulled pork, with coleslaw.

Click on the above link and check it out.  What’s your favorite menu of the past Champion dinners?

This Year: Tiger’s Choice

Here’s what Tiger – last year’s champion served up on Tuesday night:

Global Macro Monitor Masters Champions Dinner Menu

Here’s what our menu would like like if we had the honor of hosting the dinner, serving up something very fitting to our golf game.

Yips and Salsa
Chunky Chili Dip
Fried Egg Salad Served In A Greenside Bunker

Main Course
Duck Hook Soup
Lamb Shanks
Red Snapper (served off a tee box)

Banana Slices
Snowman Ice Cream Cones

Drink Menu
DQ  Sparkling Water
Hosel Rocket Vineyard – 1997 Pinot Noir
T.C. Chen Double Hit – 1985 Chardonnay
OB Brewery Pale Ale

Served by Walter the Waiter.

Fore right!

Apr9_Masters Diinner

19th Hole Fodder:

Gary McCordBack in 1995, CBS television golf analyst Gary McCord got banned from the Masters for saying “they don’t cut the greens here at Augusta, they use bikini wax.” He also described the bumpy terrain as looking “suspiciously like body bags.”

These quotes are definitely not ideal for the Masters telecast, but it seems a warning or suspension could have been sufficient. McCord has a different type of humor, and his banter with David Feherty makes for good television. It would be nice to see him return to Augusta now that it’s been 16 years.

Tom Watson actually wrote a letter to CBS and the Masters chairman demanding that McCord be fired, and apparently this had a big effect on McCord’s future at the tournament.

McCord isn’t the first to be blackballed from the Masters. Jack Whitaker was taken off the air for comments during a playoff at the 1966 Masters when he called the gallery a “mob.” Whitaker’s suspension lasted four years.

Remember This?

Nike couldn’t ask for better marketing as the ball hung on the hole with the shoosh label was in perfect position.

Today’s First Round

Though play was suspended due to running out of daylight,  I like my three picks.  Justin Thomas 5 under after 10.  DJ in the hunt after 9, and Bryson after the double bogey he posted on No. 13 played the final 14 holes at 4 under.

Looks like my winning score of -12 is going to be way too high, and the course is setting up to break the lowest score in Masters history of 18 under par of 270, set by Tiger in 1997, and later equaled by Jordan Spieth in 2015.




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