Auto Makers Facing Soaring Metal Costs


First, semiconductors, and now metal prices.

Electrification Of The Transporation Sector

By the way, battery metals – cobalt, lithium and nickel – play a big role in EV production. Have you seen the price of nickel in the past week?

The London Metal Exchange (LME) was forced to halt nickel trading and cancel trades after prices doubled on Tuesday to more than $100,000 per tonne in a surge of sources blamed on short-covering by one of the world’s top producers. — Reuters


However, the role to be played by copper on the way to a green economy should not be underestimated.  Not just in EV production but also intrinsic in the various elements of the EV infrastructure.  Is there enough copper in the world to make the transition?

I will try and talk my 18-year old into majoring in material sciences.  Watch that space – material science.

Here’s to hoping Venezuela doesn’t invade Chile and Peru.

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I just might get me an e-Bike to motor around Cambridge and greater Boston.

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