Summer Break

GMM will be laying low this summer, working on a special project, recharging our batteries, and working through the rest of the Five Stages of Grief after losing Carol K. We had planned a big reset and revamp of our website with her as a full partner. She was so close and fought so hard and bravely but her body was just too broken.

We are at the beginning of the end of Stage 1 – Denial. Now for the hard part.

We will be checking in on occasions, opining on the global economy and markets from time to time so keep us on your radar.

Good luck to you all in this Summer of Discontent.

See you in the fall.

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2 Responses to Summer Break

  1. Joe R. says:

    Keep your chin up, Gregor. Look forward to your postings when ever you return.

    ( P.S. that project better not involve Shipping Containers – you have been warned about that!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Joe. Stay close.

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