The Squeeze in Global Rubber Supplies

Rubber is bouncing….

Goodyear Tire & Rubber and Cooper Tire & Rubber, the two largest U.S. tiremakers, have begun notifying customers they will raise tire prices by as much as 6.5% by early November. Bridgestone, the largest tiremaker by sales, said in late August that it’s increasing prices by up to 6% in Europe, the Japanese company’s second price increase this year…Tiremakers are passing on the higher costs, and future hikes can’t be ruled out. “We don’t do a lot of raw-material hedging” says Keith Price, a spokesman for Akron-based Goodyear.Bloomberg

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1 Response to The Squeeze in Global Rubber Supplies

  1. I’m glad I bought four new BridgeStones at Costco in August with a $70 off regular price coupon. My feeling is prices increases will be the the norm-across the board, especially for raw materials, energy and most food products. I would expect to see the CPI to make some gradual moves up over the next twelve months.

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