Nonlinear Thinking: The Coming iApp Economic Revolution

2011 – The Year of the App

This is freaking amazing!  It’s our sense that in five years Apple may well have reinvented itself into a mobile medical company, where an iPhone/iPad-type device becomes a medical clinic in, say,  a rural village in Africa.   Remember folks, we are at the elbow of the exponential tech curve.  Huge venture money is pouring into App development and what’s coming is going to blow our mind, in our opinion!

Imagine how this could lower medical costs as baby boomers age.  All the Malthusian doom and gloom will prove about as right as the original Malthus.    This is an example of the innovation that help America and the world emerge from the current economic malaise and could even risk sparking  another like tech bubble.  The stage is set.

An economy based on creating and consuming housing wealth is so passe.  We believe 2011 will be the “The Year of Cat App.”

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