Creative Destruction 2.0

R.I.P, Eastman Kodak, may you rise like a Phoenix out of bankruptcy.   If only you were owned by the government,  Larry Wood, as pictured below, might still have his job doing the same work he was doing in 1968.

(click here if charts are not observable)

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4 Responses to Creative Destruction 2.0

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    This is sad but unfortunately how markets work: -Kodak +Apple

  2. Kodak was founded in 1889, now some patents are for sale. Kodak didn’t adjust to the times quickly enough. In the 1978 film “Goin’ South”, set in the late 1860’s, oil in Texas was ruining the crops, just bubbling up to the surface, ruining the value of farmland. Oil’s time had not yet come. Sadly for Kodak, digital took it out in just over 10 years. Digital’s time had come.

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