Charlie Rose: Daniel Kahneman

This is a must view for all investors and traders.   Daniel Kahneman is the only non-economist to win the Nobel Prize in economics and his work provides key insights into market, investor, and trader biases.   There is  no doubt, at least to us, the markets “think fast” and “think slow.”  Listen to his observations on Soros and Paulson.

Click here for full interview.

(click here if pictures are not observable)

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2 Responses to Charlie Rose: Daniel Kahneman

  1. Reblogged this on Lighthouse Securities and commented:
    Macro Monitor is one of my favorite blogs on the planet and Kahneman, along with Mandelbrot and John Monash my biggest influencers of my thinking

    Here is 2002’s worthy Nobel Prize winner with Bloombergs Charlie Rose.

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