TR50: The 50 Most Innovative Companies (6-10)

Here are 6-10 of MIT’s Technology Review’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2011 We’re posting in increments of five every few days as not to overwhelm you with info and required reading.

Click here for 1-5 of TR’s most innovation companies of 2011.

Technology Review uses the following criteria to choose the most innovative companies,

What is a TR50 company?   It is a business whose innovations force other businesses to alter their strategic course. TR50 members are nominated by Technology Review’s editors, who look for companies that over the last year have demonstrated original and valuable technology, are bringing that technology to market at a significant scale, and are clearly influencing their competitors.

6)  Athenahealth
Its systems help doctors and patients with the morass of medical records and billing paperwork.
Key innovation:
Developed cloud-based software for electronic health records and practice management.

7)  Babcock & Wilcox
The company is developing cheaper nuclear reactors.
Key innovation:
A simplified modular reactor design decreases size and cost.

8)  Better Place
Its new infrastructure extends the effective range of electric vehicles.
Key innovation:
Has designed and installed battery swap stations, a charging network, and a central control station to manage a fleet of electric cars in Israel.

9)  Bluefin Labs
It mines social-media sites to gauge the audience response to television shows and advertising.
Key innovation:
Natural-language analysis of comments on social-media sites provides fine-grained information about audience size and sentiment.

10) Cellular Dynamics International
Using human iPS cells in drug screening could accelerate the development of new therapies.
Key innovation:
 Its new product derived from iPS cells is meant for use in vascular targeted drug discovery, tissue regeneration, and life science research.

TR50 – (1-6)

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