Collapse of Euro a “Very Likely Scenario” – Spiegel

We posted yesterday that the Germans are starting to think out loud about the breakup of the Euro.  Here’s an excerpt and chart on the economic aftermath of a Eurozone split from the Der Spiegel piece,

Collapse of Currency a ‘Very Likely Scenario’

Investment experts at Deutsche Bank now feel that a collapse of the common currency is “a very likely scenario.” German companies are preparing themselves for the possibility that their business contacts in Madrid and Barcelona could soon be paying with pesetas again. And in Italy, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is thinking of running a new election campaign, possibly this year, on a return-to-the-lira platform.

Nothing seems impossible anymore, not even a scenario in which all members of the currency zone dust off their old coins and bills — bidding farewell to the euro, and instead welcoming back the guilder, deutsche mark and drachma.

It would be a dream for nationalist politicians, and a nightmare for the economy. Everything that has grown together in two decades of euro history would have to be painstakingly torn apart. Millions of contracts, business relationships and partnerships would have to be reassessed, while thousands of companies would need protection from bankruptcy. All of Europe would plunge into a deep recession. Governments, which would be forced to borrow additional billions to meet their needs, would face the choice between two unattractive options: either to drastically increase taxes or to impose significant financial burdens on their citizens in the form of higher inflation.

A horrific scenario would become a reality, a prospect so frightening that it ought to convince every European leader to seek a consensus as quickly as possible. But there can be no talk of consensus today. On the contrary, as the economic crisis worsens in southern Europe, the fronts between governments are only becoming more rigid.

The Italians and Spaniards want Germany to issue stronger guarantees for their debts. But the Germans are only willing to do so if all euro countries transfer more power to Brussels — steps the southern member states, for their part, don’t want to take.

Is it just us or do you also sense an incredible amount of complacency in the markets about such a high impact event with a probability that is far from di minimis?

(click here if chart is not observable)

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2 Responses to Collapse of Euro a “Very Likely Scenario” – Spiegel

  1. mmasooga says:

    Reblogged this on Mumbles Mile and commented:
    The Euro financial crisis is on the tips of tongues for many people; I was chatting with a friend three weeks ago, and she is convince the Euro will calapse.

  2. fitzhenrymac says:

    I found this article by loefingstonn that shows Germany planning and interfering with the Syrian economy just as it did throughout Europe. It’s worth looking at. If only the rest of Europe followed Iceland; renegged on their debts and put the bankers in jail

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