Quote of the Day: Parallel Universes

After all the chat about conditions and how difficult this golf course is and how much rain and wind is there going to be, it was kind of weird standing in a shirt sleeves on the 9th tee looking at guys being 4, 5 and 6 under par.
Graeme McDowell, Tied for sixth after shooting three under at the British Open on Thursday

Isn’t that how bearish traders and investors must feel surrounded by all the macro doom and gloom while standing here on the 19th of July with the S&P500 up 9.5 percent and NASDAQ up close to 14 percent?   Rub of the green, for sure,  but it ain’t over ’til the last holes out on Sunday.

(click here if picture is not observable)

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1 Response to Quote of the Day: Parallel Universes

  1. Kuldip Singh says:

    Let us be honest.All the money in the world will not be enough to pay all the total debt in the world.
    Truth will catch up with us soon enough.

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