How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything

The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything
Michael Saylor, Chairman & CEO of MicroStrategy,  Inc

The Mobile Wave deals with one of our favorite trends we’ve been hammering on for the past few years.   Here is USA Today,

The mobile wave is coming.

If you’re not ready to ride it, you’ll be swept away by a tsunami of change that will fundamentally alter the world.

That’s the theme of The Mobile Wave by software entrepreneur Michael Saylor. The book explores how mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads will change jobs, healthcare, banking, politics, law enforcement, and much more.

Does this sound familiar?

Consider what a trip to the doctor could mean. If you’re feeling ill, Saylor says, you might be able to connect with a doctor in India via your mobile device. He or she could diagnose and treat you for a fraction of the cost of visiting a doctor in the U.S.— maybe only $5 to $10.

Saylor is someone who also  understands that unemployment may be more structural than cyclical and therefore his book is a must read for Chairman Bernanke.

He predicts that as many as 10% of U.S. service sector workers — roughly 12 million people — could be laid off in the next five years as a result of mobile efficiencies.


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4 Responses to How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything

  1. Brad says:

    Soon, the 1% won’t need us any longer, only their machines and the slaves who tend them.

  2. Kuldip Singh says:

    Welcome to the Global Village.

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